Sunday, May 31, 2009

Top 10 reasons why my life is so full and fine :)

Reason 1: I have a life.

Reason 2: I have been living it for the past 25 yrs.
So, eventually I have become quite an expert in living my life; Living it with my whole heart.

Reason 3: There are four other people whom I call my family; my father, mother and two sisters.
Never too indifferent or too curious about my life and for some weird reason, they have been interested and been part of every inch of my life. They have been my morning cup of tea, the breakfast news paper, the evening walk and the midnight stars and they always left the afternoons to me. They knew when I needed them; they knew when to keep away.

Reason 4: I happen to bump in to the most interesting and fascinating job assignments.
The numerous number of projects I’ve worked in, all of them different and yet the same. My colleagues, those familiar friendly faces that greet me with cheerful hellos when I enter the office at quarter to 10 on most mornings. The offices and its people, they have been tolerating me like nothing. Bless them all.

Reason 5: My cousins, uncles, aunts and their homes.
When ever I need a break from home, when ever I need a different environment, when ever I want to feel at home and yet don’t want to be home, I can always go camp at one of these places.

Reason 6: My friends.
Some of them I met in a cool white building when all of us used to wear white frocks, socks and shoes and carried books in a bag, lunch in a box and pencils in cases. Some others I met on the street, in other buildings, offices, classes etc. etc. Another group I call them my chat friends, some of whom I have never met in person. They are always there. They are always there to listen to me, to talk to me, to reply to my emails, to flood my email inbox with a million chain mails and never expect me to reply to a single one of them. They greet me on my birthdays sharp at midnight. We talk, and a lot. We chat, and L-O-T.

Reason 7: SriLanka is a paradise.
You can take my word without second thoughts. Hot, humid, humanized Colombo, sun burnt Southern cost, chilled Hill Country, salty Northern cost, lagooned Eastern cost, ancient North central, crafty Sabragamuwa…………….
People so colorful, very noisy, always late, with smiles and eyes that smile.
I never get tired of this place.

Reason 8: Little luxuries of life.
24/7 internet, Dialog mobile with my friends and family list full and over flowing, Eagle CD shop with all latest movies (some camera copies sure have tried to ruin my evenings, but who cares, after all I pay only 60), Barefoot, MC, ODEL and the likes,100, 101, 155, 154, 138 and the rest, the rickety criss-crossing three wheelers and the friendly three wheeler guys who always want more, Sunday Observer, NDTV, a million reality televisions, the restaurants, the super markets, the rotti kadeis, the road side fruit shops, the 2729729, the 688688 and the 588588, the mee kiri uncle at my door step every weekend and many more.

Reason 9: Tea and chili. Both very hot.

Reason 10: The exciting future.
Every morning when I wake up and walk up to grab my tooth brush, I have no clue what the day is going to be like. This clueless-ness is bliss.

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