Thursday, December 23, 2010

God is a public servant.

Do you have a lawyer to advocate on your behalf?

No, sir, I speak for myself. I don’t know anyone here.

Fine. You may do so.

“Did you create them?” the judge asked the ‘God’ pointing at the human beings. God, standing in his stand, looking very worried replied in a low voice, “yes your honor, but it was not a deliberate mistake, and I am not intending to make the same mistake again. It was just an experiment that went wrong. What ever I did was for the betterment and nothing else.”

The judge with a smirk “I understand that you don’t intend to create them again as there’s no need. They are capable of duplicating themselves on their own. Do you have any witness to produce on the courts to prove your 1st point, i.e. you claiming the act in question as not a deliberate act?”

God, even more worried and with tears filled to the rim of his eyes, “I never thought I needed a witness for my experiments.”

The public prosecutor is called upon to present his case.

A human being for sure he is, with all the qualities of his species, walks tall to the centre and with a voice that could be heard to miles without a microphone goes “your honor, the accused, as I have already mentioned in the petition, did an atrocious, selfish act which had no base of interest in the world nor commonsense. It was purely an act to fulfill the accused self interests, the mere urge to prove an experiment, has now grown into the complicated unsolvable problem as we see it now. Therefore I ask your honor to punish him with a life sentence by which he will be restrained from further outrageous experiments and also make him realize the depth of his act. I rest my case here.

The Judge after a brief silence, wears his glasses and reads out from a piece of paper:

since the accused has no witnesses to prove his case, and since the damage caused by his acts are obvious to everyone, I see a strong need to restrict the accused from further such deeds as punishment and precaution. I condemn the accused to life time rigorous public service. I further instruct the officials not to allow release on the basis of good conduct or even ill health. It is in the best interest of the world. Public should be allowed to view the accused at any time. This is to create awareness among the public not to engage any such experiment in the future. Since the witness has no relatives or friends in the world, interested charities or individuals should be permitted to support his basic needs, food, clothing and shelter. I want to say that I pray that this is the first and last time in the world court an accused is let to be punished by the out come of his own crime. May it be a good lesson for any so called ‘Gods and saviors of the world’ who wish to prove their points to the world. ”


Court adjourns.

This is how ‘God’ ended up in temples, churches, monuments and even trees. God is still serving man kind and is a public servant, only unpaid.