Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Memory Game

Memories live as long as you remember. Memories keep you alive; memories kill you. Memories are sweet; memories are bitter. Memories are lullabies and insomnia. You remember to forget and forget to remember. This whole memory business is a highly complicated dizzying roller coaster.

I remember memorizing a numerous things since the day I remember and now I don’t remember even half of the million things I memorized. I remember my 3rd birthday well. At least I remember the ‘I am 3’ pin I wore on my white shirt that day. I remember how it hurt when I got one of my ankles in my father’s bicycle, I remember going to the doctor, I remember her house, I remember her pair of scissors but I don’t remember the doctor except that the doctor was a woman. You’ll never know what to remember and what to forget. You remember everything you try hard to forget but you easily forget your friend’s birthday!!!!!!! That is funny isn’t it?

Scientists believe memories get stored in the brain. I bet they are wrong. My belief is memories are stored in the heart. That is why “Oh noooooo, I have his Name in my throat, but can’t get it out shaaaaa!!!!!!!” happens. Memories are stored in the heart and they travel from there via the throat to your tongue. Get it?
May be the scientists are right and I am wrong. Forget about that. Remember this, memories live as long as you remember.

“Will SriLankans remember to forget?” I read this somewhere on a news paper article. ‘A million dollar question’ I thought then. Some of you have guessed it right, the article was about the ethnic conflict and war in SriLanka; looking forward to the next step, i.e. the period of reconciliation after it is all over.
Are we going to forget the past and start all new? Are we going to re live the struggle and turmoil by carrying our bitter memories forever?

Is it fair to forget? Does it help if we remembered?

It is not fair for all the lives lost if we forget; it is not fair for the new generations to come if we remembered. Memories may help in validating the meaning of our past; memories may keep us wrapped up in our past and never get us out forever.

As I said in the beginning, this whole memory game is complicated. I never seem to have the clue to win, or even to loose. I am not even sure where the memories are stored to start with.

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vageesh said...

Dear Rakshi,
Let the people in a vindictive mood remember some realities. Let people traumatized forget some. But will the nation ever remembers that before the middle of 20th century they were as a collective were under the imperialist yoke painted with different hues.
It is sometimes costly to forget….. may be some times costly to remember too. But can civilized human beings willfully, and forcefully forget the essentiality of respecting and protecting of basic human rights o fellow individuals.
How can people remember difference so strongly and forget the commonality. How do they forget so easily that the color, temperaments, geography, may be genes of the so called TWO nations of this isle are more are less same? There seems to be big machine working to people to have selective and convenient memory. Can any body any where ever remembered the survival and coexistence bitterness possible? Can there be any memory – worth narrating - of hoary past and of may be of yesterday - where blind arrogance pented humiliation lived together for prosperity.
What the current generation of denizens of Simhalam or going to remember? How they want the posterity to remember them? How to master the art of forgetting and forgiving and remembering that future is not always a continuation of past?